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Tue, Jan. 20th, 2004, 08:22 pm
ingleside: DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!L!#!#$)!@#$UI$

I have that fucking Clay Aiken song stuck in my head! That dude has ruined my career as "Clay"... seriously Whenever someone asks for my name... the ONE word I pray they don't say is "Aiken?" followed by laughter like it was actually clever. Sheesh.

If I was invisible... wait, I already am. If I was on THE REAL Clayton's hit-list... oh wait, I ALREADY AM!

Just you wait. Someone with your first name is going to take over soon... and girls named "Britney" and "Christina" or even "Mandy" and "Jessica" have no room ro complain... those are common names. Clay is known, but not common. Some singer named "Shaqueesha" will come out, ruining it for all the other Shaqueesha's who I'm sure will be alot more cooler than the singer.

Anyways... the sad thing about all of this is that the next time Clay Aiken comes to Florida... I'll probably be there. BUT ONLY TO MAKE IT KNOWN HOW MUCH MORE AWESOMER OF A CLAY I AM THAN HIM~!#)(!

Man... I hate idiots. I used to go by "Clayton"... but whenever I told people my name it took them AT LEAST 5 times before they got it. "Quen...quenton?" the hell!?

And even with Clay... "...w..what? Cliff?"


I also don't like idiots that rush out in traffic AHEAD OF YOU when they see you WAITING BEFORE THEM TO TURN!

Wed, Jan. 21st, 2004 03:42 pm (UTC)

i still love you.

yeah, not only was it bad enough when kelly clarkson came out, but now stupid whore kelly osbourne had butchered my good name even worse.

Wed, Jan. 21st, 2004 10:43 pm (UTC)

Seriously... well, at least we aren't the people saying 'I have the same name as them oh em gee!@! '

We need that one hit wonder song, that way we can wipe them off the charts... well... we can wipe Aiken and Clarkson off the charts.... Osbourne is still trying, heh.