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Thu, Dec. 18th, 2003, 12:08 pm
ingleside: Things in life that piss me off...

Sorry if anybody takes offense to these...

The three little pigs piss me off. They sang "Who's afraid of the BIg Bad Wolf?" Okay... idiot pigs... listen to your own fong! Big.... bad..... WOLF. Wolfs eat pigs. Dumbasses.

(some) Black people think it is hilarious to make fun of white people, but as soon as a white person turns around and makes fun of a black person, it turns into a racial issue. I can understand if right after the black person made fun of the white person, and the white person makes fun of the black dude right after that... that might be racial.... but not when it is spur of the moment. The jews take jokes like pros... takes notes. (also note, I am not saying "ALL Black people"... I am mostly talking about Black comedians. They are the ones complaining.)

Vegitarians. I will never understand them. I was at the grocery store with a friend and some chic I didn't even know who was a vegitarian. We pass the meat, and I jokingly say "Here, get this." and she says "If I don't buy that, I just saved a pig."..... the hell? No... if you don't buy that all I do is put 25% of the dead pig back with the other 75% in the freezer. Vegitarians are not going to change the world by eating leaves. Now yes, animal cruelty is a bitch... but it is the way the food chain works.

Typical white jocks. I really wish they could stop to listen to themselves. I was at Gamestop yesterday, and one the the kids who worked there was spanish. My bud Pablo told us how he didn't like a certain game, and the kid goes "The game os only ok?.... th e game is ONLY OK?? You ask everybody else, that game is BETTER than ok!" I stared that fuck down. Sorry if we don't conform to your ways prep dick. So then his friends come in... and out of nowhere his spanish accent becomes heavier than it was before. So they are all talking... how they all want to get drunk and have girls around. It was pathetic. It seriously was not sugar coated. They all came out and asked "We should drink and have some girls over"... wow. Preppy world, I thank you for not corrupting me and recruiting me when I was younger.

The thing that really gets to me is when there is a group of guys trying to act cool. ESPECIALLY in the gym. Okay... first off... if you have a group of 5 or more guys... it is a dick fest... aka no chance of looking straight. So just don't even try.

That was random.

Guys who take advantage of girls piss me off

Coral springs mallrats piss me off.

no wait. Coral Springs itself pisses me off.

Jea.. I was going to put this in my journal... but since "Fuckingdammit" is such a better name... here it is.

Avril Lavigne used to piss me off... but then they stopped showing her face everywhere... so problem solved... for now.


Thu, Dec. 25th, 2003 01:23 pm (UTC)

you could use it for random bitchings